Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan ( VSSU) VSSU awarded special consultative status by United Nation ECOSOC
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Economic Development

VSSU Microcredit is meant to provide very small credit (microloans) to unemployed, poor entrepreneurs and to others living in poverty, who lack collateral and a verifiable credit history. These clients therefore cannot meet even the most minimal qualifications to gain access to traditional credit and are not considered bankable. VSSU Microcredit is actually a part of microfinance, which is the provision of a wider range of financial services like savings, credit and insurance to the very poor.

Please visit our resources section to download internal and external reports about our microfinance operations.

It is a provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of a very small amount to the poor in rural, semi rural and urban areas for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve the standard of living. But it is not only associated with finance or money, as it has a holistic approach towards the development of the society - empowering small enterprises leads to the strength of the nation. VSSU Microcredit is based on a separate set of principles, which are distinguished from general financing or credit.