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Chameli was born in Ramlochanpur, a remote rural village of South 24 Parganas district. Her family belongs to the most marginalized caste, and she was brought up in extreme poverty, deprived of all the basic needs of life. Before coming to VSSU's Home for destitute children, she lived in a small mud hut together with 7 family members in appalling conditions. They could not even afford 2 proper meals a day. Her father was alcoholic and left her mother, who had to resort to begging and could not sustain her children anymore. She then heard about VSSU's 'Home for children' and decided to send Chameli there.

Chameli has lived at the Home for destitute children for the past 3 years. She is a shy girl who enjoys dancing. English is her favourite subject in school, but when someone asks her about her future she does not know the answer yet, indeed she is still learning what it means to dream. Help Chameli and many others to keep dreaming of a future without poverty.

VSSU heartily welcomes your kind association with it. You can help VSSU expand core programs in health, education, environment and microfinance to reach even more people. Any donation, regardless of amount, can go a long way to help VSSU foster education, better health and improved quality of life for more people.

Your generous contribution could provide teaching materials & playthings for the destitute children we are fostering in the Home and aids for primary school students, loan for helpless men and women to start a business of his / her choosing, livelihood training for women and farmers etc.

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