Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan ( VSSU) VSSU awarded special consultative status by United Nation ECOSOC
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Community Development

VSSU has been involved for more than two and half decades in the development sectors where its aim has always been to improve the quality of lives of the poor. Food, clothes, shelter, education & health being the primary requirements of mankind, VSSU has been concerned to cater these services to enhance the quality of life capitalizing credit and savings program which reinforces livelihood promotions.

In year 2003 VSSU created a separate registered organization Ashok Nilay to facilitate the Community Development Activities. Thus, VSSU affords numerous Community Programs including: 

Health Care

Free Homeopathy Clinic

Since the beginning of VSSU, health interventions have been an integral part of the organization. Rural Bengal continuously suffers from lack of doctors. Sometimes the distance of medical clinics means that curable illnesses remain untreated and can even result in death. VSSU runs a Homeopathy Health Clinic in its head office and some of the branch offices where people can access a doctor and medicines for a nominal fee. The doctor and one medical assistant run the clinic two full days a week.

Other Medical Help Camp

VSSU also provides monetary assistance for people who need operations for severe disease like cancer, brain tumors and Thalassemia. Sometimes assistance is also provided for medication and transport costs. And frequently organize health check up viz. free eye check-up.



Social Forest Tree Program


Tree plantation is one of the oldest programs of VSSU. With its inception in 1983, VSSU started its social forestry program to protect environment with the following objectives:

  • Purification of the environment.
  • Economic growth of the community.
  • Provision of shade in order to reduce the exhaustion of worker or rickshaw-van pullers.
  • Prevention of soil erosion.
  • Production of wood for fuel.
  • Beautification of the village.

VSSU Nursery

  • VSSU also runs one Nursery on 3 acres of land. Every year it breeds 2-3 Lac of saplings, including Akashmoni (Sonajhuri), Sirish, Sishu, Tick, Mahogini, Safeda, Radhachura, Coconut and other ornamental plants.
  • Presently, VSSU has planted 140 square-kilometers of trees in the district of South 24 Parganas


Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes

Sanitation and Hygiene intervention has become one of the important social development programs of VSSU. In rural Bengal, the people conventionally use open fields as their latrines and toilets, which is very unhygienic and places the health of the community at significant risk. To improve general health, VSSU provides interest free sanitation loans to individuals to construct latrines at home. Repayments are made with monthly installments over one year. Beside constructing 5 public toilets at market places almost 1500 latrines have already been constructed by VSSU for the individual household (belong to BPL ) till date.








Renewable Energy

VSSU is currently collaborating with Onergy, a renewable energy organization based in India, to increase the availability and affordability of solar energy technologies in the community.  In an area where electricity supply is often sporadic, the expansion of solar energy use could be extremely beneficial.   Beside marketing, distribution and awareness generation of Solar lighting products VSSU is taking initiatives for production of low cost improved cook stoves for a safer greener tomorrow. 







Food Programme for destitute

VSSU stands beside those elderly poor people who have lost their potential to work and are abandoned by their families. They are unable to earn money for their food. If VSSU would not have supported them, they risked either to beg or starve. This year, 53 elderly people received 5 kilos of rice and 1 kilo of pulses in every month. This year VSSU invested Rs. 1,80,690 for distributing food grains and clothes to the poor people.