Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan ( VSSU) VSSU awarded special consultative status by United Nation ECOSOC
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Rural Tourism

VSSU Inspiration Tourism & Cultural Centre ( ITC)  

VSSU is currently undertaking an exciting new project: the Rrural Eco-Tourism Project for Livelihood Promotion of rural community. It was inaugurated on Sept 2012 , since inception ,  VSSU is developing and strengthening its Rural Tourism activity in order to have a social impact on the Community by giving inhabitants an opportunity to access to some Inspiration, amusement  & cultural and tourism infrastructures at an affordable price. This project do have many facets, and its allowing  the preservation of the environment, the attraction of tourists to South 24 Parganas and the Sundarbans, and it enriching the livelihoods of people of Ullon and the surrounding communities. The aim of the eco-tourism project is to optimally utilize the human, financial, and natural resources of the Community.

Initial Components for Tourism projects


The implementation of this project reflects VSSU’s values. It delivers a strong message of tolerance and respect for other cultures and promotes Indian culture pride. It is a place for spiritual elevation but also entertainment.  It offers a unique development opportunity to the Community, both economically and socially, by creating an environment conducive to spiritual and intellectual development of the Individual, but also by being the vector of economic outlooks.

The eco-tourism project has significant impacts on the lives of the Community members, both economic and social. VSSU is planning to construct a number of small shops throughout the grounds of the tourism project, which it will then rent out to Community members. In these shops, the tenants, who will be primarily women, will give demonstrations on the making of traditional handicrafts, as well as sell their products to the tourists. As a part of the project, an artificial forest has been created which will house local and exotic species of trees. Finally, the Inspiration Centre does have a aquarium and a gymnasium house. Directly outside the Inspiration Centre is a large stage and area that can be used for cultural and festival performances, which will be a great draw for the tourists, both Indian and International.